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Dental Savings Plan

No insurance? No problem! This is our solution to making quality dental care affordable for your entire family.

Dental Savings Plan Benefits

At Venus Dental, we recognize that quality care is presently beyond the reach of millions of people and families each year. To offset the costs of care, we have developed an In-Office Dental Savings Plan.

Now anyone can have state of the art dental care, and exceptional service, at an affordable cost.

Membership in our dental savings plan includes valuable extras like free exams, free teeth cleanings, free x-rays and significant discounts on all dental procedures. One low initial fee benefits everyone in the entire family for an entire year!

Our Dental Savings Plan Benefits Include:

  • FREE simple teeth cleanings (2x per year)
  • FREE complete semi-annual dental exam (2x per Year)
  • All x-rays needed to complete annual exam(s)
  • Flouride Treatment for Children (Under the age of 18, once every 6 months)
  • 10% savings on general and major dental procedures

The Plan gives you freedom:

  • No waiting periods  immediate eligibility
  • No cards to carry
  • No claim forms to fill out
  • No long-term commitment
  • No prior authorizations needed

Venus Dental Dental Savings Plan Memberships:

  • Individual: $300/year
  • Individual and Spouse: $550/year
  • Family Plan: $200/year for each additional family member - Savings of $100 per family member!

Understanding More About Our Plan:

Eligible family members include spouse, significant other, and dependent children under the age of 19 (up to 23 if dependent child is a full-time student).

All Dental Savings Plan membership fees are due and payable at the time of registration at Venus Dental. Payment is non-refundable when services have been provided. Plan duration is for one year from initial registration date. All patient portions for services received are due at time services in order to take advantage and receive your Dental Savings Plan benefits. All members of a Dental Savings Plan family account will have the same anniversary date as the primary member's initial registration date.

For your convenience, download the dental savings plan registration form here.

Download Dental savings Plan Brochure