CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

If you have a tooth that is chipped or broken, or an implant that needs a restoration to complete your smile, we have a solution for you! The revolutionary CEREC® technology allows our team to design, mill, and place crowns in just one visit to our office. You’ll be able to come in for your appointment and leave with a new and improved smile!

What is CEREC®?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC technology is used in the treatment room to produce metal-free, tooth-colored restorations that match natural tooth structure and material.

The CEREC machine has two components: the acquisition unit and the milling unit. The acquisition unit is made up of a computer with 3D software we use to create a virtual model of your tooth and to design your custom restoration, whether that be a crown, inlay, onlay, or veneers. The milling unit is where the crown is actually fabricated from a ceramic block using the data sent over from the acquisition unit.

CEREC® Procedure

To start, we’ll prepare your tooth by removing any decay, and we’ll take photos of the tooth needing the crown. We’ll then send those images to our in-house milling machine. The CEREC machine uses the digital images to create a virtual 3D model. Once we have finished designing the crown with the imaging software, we send the data to the milling machine in our office. This machine creates a crown out of a ceramic block that we have carefully chosen to match the shade of your teeth.

In about 20 minutes, your new restoration will be ready for placement. Prior to bonding the crown to the tooth, we’ll check your bite and smile to make sure it fits comfortably and looks great. We’ll polish the restoration and then you’ll be on your way with a beautiful smile in no time!

Benefits of CEREC®

The major benefit to CEREC technology is that it cuts down the restoration procedure to just one appointment. With traditional dental crowns, you have to come back for multiple visits, get a temporary crown placed, and wait until your new crown has been milled in an off-site lab. Now, you can get a finished restoration that same day!

Here are some of the benefits of CEREC:

  • You save time by only having to come in for one appointment.
  • There’s no need to take messy impressions with CEREC’s digital imaging.
  • We won’t need to place any uncomfortable temporary crowns.
  • More of your natural tooth structure is preserved in the procedure.
  • CEREC crowns are available in 17 different shades, so your restoration will blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth.
  • CEREC crowns are made from high-quality ceramic that actually resembles tooth enamel and feels natural.
  • CEREC restoration are longer-lasting and less prone to damage.

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